Really unique and amazing!

Dave Ruel, Dieppe (NB)Thank you Michelle for the great service and amazing vanity and washbasin you sold us. Your products are really unique and amazing!

Its spectacular…

Corinne & Graham Sutherland, Lascelles (QC)We have received and installed the Lucy Showcase in the basement room – it’s even more spectacular in place! Thanks so much for all your help!

Easily remove accidental furniture stains with totally natural ingredients you use everyday!

Whats’s something you use every day that wipes out water stains on your furniture? Hint: It’s in your medicine cabinet.

Grease stains? A common cooking ingredient will restore your furniture like new.

One of our customers was frantic to clean bloodstains off her coffee table. The solution to remove red wine spills worked like magic

Please take the time to read our Teak Care colum, bottom left corner of our front page,

You will love it and your furniture will last you a very long time!