Really unique and amazing!

Dave Ruel, Dieppe (NB)Thank you Michelle for the great service and amazing vanity and washbasin you sold us. Your products are really unique and amazing!

Its spectacular…

Corinne & Graham Sutherland, Lascelles (QC)We have received and installed the Lucy Showcase in the basement room – it’s even more spectacular in place! Thanks so much for all your help!

New Funky “Round Bar” , Ubud, Bali. Watch the Video

The new funky bar in Ubud, the “Round Bar” features fantastic street art and recycled denim furniture as well as lamps and fences made from recycled bottles. One of the challenge was to create a cool and hip look into a round structure. Round and verycool challenges clearly met no? All available via ReOrient, yes. Any projects you have where you wish to get funky, unique recycled pieces, ReOrient can help. Let us know. And if anything, this video surely will make you want to head to Bali for some warm holiday sipping cool drinks in a round bar!

The \”Round Bar\”, watch the video. Unique and funky furniture and concept!