Really unique and amazing!

Dave Ruel, Dieppe (NB)Thank you Michelle for the great service and amazing vanity and washbasin you sold us. Your products are really unique and amazing!

Its spectacular…

Corinne & Graham Sutherland, Lascelles (QC)We have received and installed the Lucy Showcase in the basement room – it’s even more spectacular in place! Thanks so much for all your help!


The environmental and human outcome that our business generates matter to us. We source and distribute high quality products that fit a modern life style, are strong and generational, are natural and easy on the environment and respect the makers and the consumers. We believe that international trading is still critical for a lot of developing countries and we make sure to source our producers with criteria such as manufacturing that does not exploit the environment, animals or people involved in its production and supply. We take pride that our manufacturers follow the same ethical code that we set in our society. In any case no minors or persons over the legal working age are employed to make the recycled furniture we carry.

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