Really unique and amazing!

Dave Ruel, Dieppe (NB)Thank you Michelle for the great service and amazing vanity and washbasin you sold us. Your products are really unique and amazing!

Its spectacular…

Corinne & Graham Sutherland, Lascelles (QC)We have received and installed the Lucy Showcase in the basement room – it’s even more spectacular in place! Thanks so much for all your help!

Winter, Christmas and giving back

A wonderful time of the year, where we should all be thankful and thinking about our families and how blessed we are if we have them, and can share these moments with them. I often find myself not  thrilled about the whole xmas hype, where presents and money spending seem to be the biggest issue. I always said to my children,: I want nothing but you and whatever you can do with your hands, sing me a song, write me a poem..and lets donate to a charity. This year, we donated a flock of geese, a wish for a kid  and a bit back to the earth. My son loved chosing the charities and clicking on the flock of geese. So lets try to be less self involved, and lets give back, presents that do give back are the best!